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Release of GMG OpenColor 2.2 – Major release

  • Version notes
  • New features
    • Evaluation and automatic spectral correction of measurement data
    • Support of GMG OpenColor Dotproof for Epson WT
    • Support of CxF 3.0/x-4 format
    • Realistic First Printing Dot simulation
    • Separation Improvements – Purify Settings
    • Support of PANTONE Extended Gamut Coated Guide
    • Fail-safe and efficient change management for proof profiles
  • Resolved issues
  • End of Life
  • End Of Life announcement for Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Build number

Release of GMG OpenColor 2.2 – Major release

Release date
GMG OpenColor has been released today, Thursday, October 18, 2018.

OpenColor 1.x – 2.1 → OpenColor 2.2    New license required, chargeable

Supported OS
• Windows 10
• Windows 8.1
• Windows 7
• Windows Server 2016
• Windows Server 2012 R2

OpenColor Editions & Licensing
• Standard Edition: Allows the connection to one ColorProof system
• Plus Edition: Allows the connection to multiple ColorProof systems

ColorProof Licensing
A GMG OpenColor Output License is required for each GMG ColorProof instance to be able to process GMG OpenColor profiles.
• GMG DotProof/FlexoProof 5.8 or higher is required for processing GMG OpenColor DotProof profiles (MXD).
• GMG ColorProof 5.6 or higher is required for processing GMG OpenColor contone profiles (MXN).

OpenColor 2.2

Installation instructions
1. Close all GMG applications.
2. Extract the zip archive and run the installation.

The installation instructions are valid for new and update installations. Before updating to a new GMG OpenColor version you can back up all configuration data: OpenColor > Gear Wheel > Backup > Create


New features

Automatic spectral correction of measurement data

GMG OpenColor offers for the first time an automatic measurement data correction, based on spectral algorithms. GMG OpenColor averages duplicates, removes outliers, and smooths the measurement data spectrally.
  1. Open the measurement data dialog box
  2. The dialog box lists all measurement data sets in a table. If you imported multiple matching data sets, the data is marked as Combined Measurement File.
  3. Start the auto correction
  4. If there are printing process related deviations measurement data, such as bumps that you want to simulate in the proof and not get smoothed away, you can enter a percentage value limit. Measurement values below the selected percentage will not be smoothed.
  • Increased profile quality by spectral based measurement correction
  • This feature eliminates the need for an external tool, saving investment costs and time. It also avoids a smoothing based on Lab values, thus providing an ideal basis for the GMG OpenColor Prediction Engine.

Measurement evaluation

The measurement data dialog box provides some tools to evaluate the applied auto correction.

  1. Average dE / Max dE: The deviation to the original measurement data gives you an indication of the data quality and how much impact the correction has on the data.
  2. Statistics: For further analysis, you can open a table (see below) showing L*a*b* values for all measurement values before and after the correction.
  3. Undo: You can revert the measurement data to the original state.
  4. Export: It is now possible to save the original measurement data you imported into GMG OpenColor for further use in other applications. This is especially helpful if you have no access to the original data you imported or measured into GMG OpenColor.
Overview of delta-E values in the statistics:
  • The values in the table can be sorted, e.g by dE
  • You can define a threshold. Values which are higher, will be marked in red.
  • You can export the values for further evaluation.

Support of GMG OpenColor Dotproof for Epson WT

The Epson WT users can use GMG OpenColor DotProof
  • Support of calculating DotProof Profiles for EPSON WT on EPSON Clear Film, Thin Film, Metallic Film
  • Support of white channels in DotProof profiles

Support of CxF 3.0/x-4 format

You can now use CxF 3.0/x-4 file format for importing spot color libraries from other applications into GMG OpenColor.

The application now recognizes relational information in the CxF file so that a spot color, which might be characterized by a solid patch and tints will be imported correctly. GMG OpenColor will also read out printing process and media information from the CxF file. If the file contains information on multiple printing processes or media, GMG OpenColor will notify you and you will be able to select the data you want to import.

Furthermore, this version supports the proofing of documents with embedded CxF/X-4 spectral data using GMG ColorProof version 5.10.1 or higher. GMG ColorProof automatically reads out spot color definitions from the document, which can be used in combination with a GMG OpenColor proof standard. The spectral data definitions are recalculated by taking the proofing condition into account.


Realistic First Printing Dot simulation

The user can now decide how the first printing dot should be handled on the proof: If the option Hard Edge is selected, the curve steps directly from zero to the First Printing Dot, showing the characteristic hard edge of the printing process in the proof, see example below.

For flexo printing processes the default setting is ON. For gravure and offset printing the default value is OFF, as a smooth transition is usual in this case.

Separation Improvements – Purify Settings

OpenColor offers additional purifying parameters to improve the quality of the CMYK-to-CMYK separation profiles and to control the separation results.
  • Keep Color Pure: Automatically purifies all colors that are only slightly contaminated by other colors.
  • Keep Pure (No dE Limit): Automatically purifies all colors even if the resulting deviation from the characterization is high.
  • Keep Pure Solids (CMY): forces 100 % solid colors (C, M, Y, not K) and two color overprints, i. e. CM, CY, MY, to remain unchanged when calculating the profile.
    Example: 100 % Cyan is kept at 100 % Cyan. A solid color overprinting with Black (K is not 0) is excluded unless you also select the option 'Keep Pure Solids (Overprints with Black)'.
  • Keep Pure Solids (Overprints with Black): This option is only available if you have selected 'Keep Pure Solids (CMY)'. 100 % solid colors (C, M, Y) are kept at 100% even if the K channel is not 0.
  • Pure Black: Keeps all colors unchanged which contain 100% Black and keeps the black axis pure.

Support of PANTONE Extended Gamut Coated Guide

The spot color database PANTONE Extended Gamut coated Guide is available in the OpenColor database.

Fail-safe and efficient change management for proof profiles

For a fail-safe use, it is important that profiles are up-to-date with the current project configuration. As soon as changes are made in the project, OpenColor will mark the existing calculated profiles, which are not valid anymore.
  • Affected profiles can be deleted automatically.
  • Errors are prevented because outdated profiles cannot be used.
  • Changes can be undone. After that valid profiles are active again.
  • This enables a transparent and clear project content
  • The change management regards changes to the Printing Process, Media, Inks, Color Corrections, or Characterization that will actually affect the profile. For example, when you apply a color correction to a specific output ink, only profiles using this output ink will be removed or marked as outdated.
  • Changes applied to the Noise, Missing Dot, and White Ink settings of the Proofing Condition and applied to the Ink Settings will always be ignored, as the color is not changed. This way, you can still keep multiple proof profile variants, for example, when playing around with the profile settings.
  • This feature is available only for proof profiles, not for separation profiles.

Resolved issues

The following technical issues have been resolved in GMG OpenColor Please note that the list describes the problem, not the solution.

OpenColor Crash
The OpenColor application quit from time to time without a warning, most often during high load. [UK-9207, 04534, 03850]

Proofing condition could not be selected
No proofing condition could be selected in projects which contains only database items (e.g. "From database": Pantone Plus Coated). The workaround was to select at least one ink as "project ink" or to add a characterization in addition to the database item. [01475, 01612]

Color Corrections - Lab values not readable
The fields containing the Lab values were too small. [02918]

OpenColor Gradation Behaviour
The ink start defined in the gradation was not correctly applied, e.g. in a gradation the ink start was defined at 3,0%, in the proof however ink was printed in the 2% patch. [01537]

Proxy server settings
The proxy server settings, which are important for the connection to cloud services, such as DIC, PantoneLive, MatchMy Color, were not taken into account on operating system level. [03060]


End of life

Please note that we will no longer provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for bugs found in GMG OpenColor or older.


End Of Life announcement for Windows Server 2008 R2

With the release of version 2.2 the use of OpenColor is no longer supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. OpenColor is no longer tested and released for this operating system.

OpenColor has been tested and released for use on the following operating systems:
   • Windows 10
   • Windows 8.1
   • Windows 7
   • Windows Server 2016
   • Windows Server 2012 R2


Build number

GMG OpenColor

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