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Release of GMG ColorServer Suite 5.0.50040 - Service Release

  • Release notes
  • New features
    • PSR LWC plus v2 M1 profiles
    • SmartProfiler: Printing without black ('CMY-only')
    • Default settings for manual jobs
    • SmartProfiler: Profile iteration
    • Embedded gamut files in spot color databases
    • Direct access to linked resources
  • End of Life
  • Build number

Release of GMG ColorServer Suite 5.0.50040 - Service release

Release date
GMG ColorServer Suite 5.0.50040 has been released today, Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

ColorServer 4.8 – 4.11 ➝ 5.0    New license required, chargeable
ColorServer 5.0 ➝ 5.0.5            No new license required

License recommendation
  • Dongle license ➝ ColorServer 5 + other GMG applications (e.g. ColorProof) on the same system
  • Software license ➝ ColorServer 5 only on the system. Recommended for virtual machines.
Please note that it is not supported to use both dongle and software license on one system (e.g. dongle for ColorProof + software license for ColorServer).
Supported operating systems
for the Server and for the Windows Client:
  • Windows 10 (64bit)
  • Windows 8 (64bit)
  • Windows 7 (64bit)
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64bit)

for the MacOS Client:
  • MacOS High Sierra 10.13
  • MacOS Sierra 10.12
  • MacOS El Capitan 10.11
  • MacOS Yosemite 10.10
  • MacOS Mavericks 10.9

GMG ColorServer 5.0.50040

Product overview
  • ColorServer 5.0
  • InkOptimizer Web 5.0
  • InkOptimizer SheetFed 5.0
  • ProfileEditor (ColorServer)

Content of ColorServer 5.0
  • Load balancing with unlimited workers and up to 8 jobs in parallel
  • Unlimited remote and local hotfolders
  • Conversion, InkOptimizer and (Re)Separation Profiles for standard printing conditions
  • Integrated Paper Adaptation Tool
  • GMG Option ColorServer 5.0 Workflow Integration: Enables direct integration into 3rd party Workflow systems and provides access to the core functionality via a public API or an XML-based Jobticket Hotfolder.

Optional chargeable modules for ColorServer 5.0

  • GMG Option ColorServer 5.0 Worker Package: Provides the ability to processes additional 8 Jobs in parallel.
  • GMG InkOptimizer SheetFed 5.0 Option: Improved CMY-K balance for ink saving and stable printing for sheet fed offset standards.
  • GMG InkOptimizer Web 5.0 Option: Improved CMY-K balance for ink saving and stable printing for web offset standards.
  • GMG ProfileEditor and SpotColor Editor: Advanced editing of MX-Profiles and spot color databases
  • GMG SmartProfiler
  • GMG SmartProfiler EcoSave: The GMG EcoSave option provides optimization of printing data for LFP Production by fully automatic ink reduction while maintaining an identical color impression.

System Requirements
Installation and update instructions
  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Double-click Setup_5.0.50040.exe to start the setup
  3. Select the modules to be installed on that system
  4. (Repeat on other systems for distributed processing)

First start after installation
After installing ColorServer 5.0, the first start takes some minutes. As long as the server data are updated, the http-server is not running, the client is disconnected and shows the ‘red’ status. A pop-up message reminds to wait until the configuration is finished. The duration of the first start depends on the size of the server data and the computer performance. Once all data is updated, the Client connection will turn to the ‘green’ status. This is valid for new installations as well as for updates.

New features

PSR LWC plus v2 M1 Profile

The print standard PSR LWC plus V2 M1 is an update of the Process Standard Rotogravure on LWC plus paper (based on gamut type 2 from ISO 12647-4). The update consists new M1 target values. (The previous print standard PSR LWC plus V2 was based on measurement condition M0.)

According to the European Color Initiative (ECI), improvements and goals of this update are:
  • Compatibility with other standards
  • Use of new color values measured under M1 conditions
  • Use of new viewing conditions
  • No change on press side
  • Alignment with ISO 12647-4:2014

Conversion profiles
Separation profiles

SmartProfiler: Printing without black ('CMY-only')

Digital printing knows some use cases for printing without black. Printing ‘CMY-only’ saves clicks and impressions, as the black channel is not used. Production is increased, because more jobs can be printed in the same time.

SmartProfiler includes a new preset for the creation of conversion profiles without black channel.

Default settings for manual jobs

Manual jobs are often created with the same settings. To save time, the selected templates will be used as default setting for the next manual job.

SmartProfiler: Profile iteration

SmartProfiler profiles for digital printing devices can now be checked and improved by iteration. The process can be started by right-clicking on the SmartProfiler resource.

Embedded gamut files in spot color databases

This option makes it easier to add spot colors to spot color databases, that have been generated by SmartProfiler. The export of the spot color database from ColorServer will automatically include the gamut of your digital printer. This gamut file can be selected in SpotColor Editor.

The gamut file can be exported from a Smart-Profiler generated MX profile as well (right-click).

Direct access to linked resources

The overview of the linked resources has been optimized by hyperlinks in the info pane, which allow to directly access and edit the templates.

Resolved issues

The following technical issues have been resolved in GMG ColorServer 5.0.50040. Please note that the list describes the problem, not the solution.
Language of ProfileEditor always German
GMG ProfileEditor was started in German, irrespective of the system language or the language set for the ColorServer application [73054, 76539, 76705, 76682, 76822, 77504, 77785, 77694, 77774, 00829]

Incorrect interpretation of Korean characters
Use of Korean (hangul) characters in any of the used paths or file names caused the SmartProfiler to abort with an error during the creation and publishing of SmartProfiler resources [00242]

InkSaving report not generated without REST-API license
Exporting an ink saving report aborted with an http-error 401 (no rest-api-license) [01587, 01976, 01967, 01830]

High-load loss of connection
Under heavy load, the connection between Workers, Clients and Server sometimes got unstable, resulting in a temporary loss of connection and jobs aborting with errors. [01882]

Unable to load ink saving report xml containing & character
Report files containing the ampersand character (e.g. as part of the processed file’s name) could not be loaded into the report tool. It instead aborted with an XML error. [02267]

Error during image processing - Unable to create Output file
One customer file aborted with the above error due to problems processing the embedded XMP data [02298]

Very large files (e.g. 5.2 GB) aborted with error
Attempting to process a 5.2 GB PDF file aborted with a read/write error. [02341]

Image hotfolders: No normalization with sharpening
In an image hotfolder, activating the sharpening prevented any sort of color conversion during the normalization step. [UK-8057]

Change of install path impossible
During installation, changing the paths away from the default settings was not possible due to a missing button. [02503]

Incorrect flattening of overprinting objects
When printing with flattening and “preserve overprint” active, certain DeviceN objects could not be flattened correctly. [02503]

Use of db3 with proofing features caused error during processing.
In a workflow set to convert spot colors using a spot color database containing proofing features (Silver/white/gloss inks), the conversion aborted with an error "gmg::MXEngine::Exception: ColorantsMismatch”. [UK-8268]

Error on export and backup if user has special characters
Creating exports of resources or complete backups of the Colorserver configuration aborted with an error if the user name contained special characters such as accents. [02854]

Name reverted to original on export
Exporting a hotfolder after changing its name showed the old name in the export as well as the imported hotfolder. [02696, 03212]

End of Life

Please note that we will no longer provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for bugs found in GMG ColorServer 5.0.40092 or older.

Build Number

GMG ColorServer 5.0.50040
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