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Release of GMG ColorPlugin 1.3 – Major Release

  • New Features
    • Simplified licensing procedure
    • ChannelExtender for RGB to Multicolor separation: Use GMG color management directly in Adobe Photoshop
      • ChannelExtender
      • Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing
      • Soft proofing
      • ColorBoost
      • Work preview
    • MinDot Preview and MinDot Adjust - Spot color support
    • Extended Mindot Features
    • Improved soft proofing with OpenColor Preview
    • Support of new characterizations FOGRA53 and FOGRA54
    • Support of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
  • Resolved issues
  • End of life
  • End of service life of Photoshop CS5
  • Build number

Release of GMG ColorPlugin 1.3 – Major Release

Release date
GMG ColorPlugin has been released today, Wednesday, March 21, 2018.


GMG ColorPlugin is licensed as a 12-month subscription-based product.

GMG ColorPlugin is available in 3 license types:
• GMG ColorPlugin Standard
• GMG ColorPlugin Pro
• GMG ColorPlugin Packaging Pro

Supported operating systems and Adobe Photoshop versions

GMG ColorPlugin 1.3


  1. Please make sure that Port 80 is cleared for inbound and outbound communication in your Firewall / Proxy Server for the application Photoshop.
  2. Download the installer package from our website.
  3. Run the installer.

License activation
Click here for instructions how to request and activate the GMG ColorPlugin license. See  chapter 1.3 ‘Starting and Licensing the Plugin'.


New features

Simplified licensing procedure

GMG ColorPlugin 1.3 uses a revised licensing procedure. This update of the existing licenses is handled automatically, if the computer on which the plugin is installed has an active internet connection. In case a problem with a valid license occurs, the license will be automatically restored 24/7.
For more about the licensing process, click here and refer to chapter 1.3 ‘Starting and Licensing the Plugin'.

ChannelExtender for RGB to Multicolor separation: Use GMG color management directly in Adobe Photoshop

(Requires a GMG OpenColor 2.1.4 or higher.)

In the high-performance packaging variant separations from RGB into Multicolor color spaces can be created with up to seven target colors – on the basis of separation profiles from GMG OpenColor. Using the new ChannelExtender functionality, you can use devicelink GMG OpenColor profiles to separate the whole design from RGB to your custom GMG OpenColor project directly in Adobe Photoshop. GMG OpenColor transferres the precalculated separation profiles to GMG ColorPlugin via a direct connection. In this way image data can be adapted to the multicolor printing process in use.
Color Conversion from RGB to CMYK + up to 3 spot colors
Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing, also referred to as Fixed Color Palette printing, uses a standardized ink set enhancing the CMYK color space to reproduce any color used in the design. In the plugin, up to three additional inks can be used. The inks need to be between the CMYK process colors, i. e. Red or Orange, Green, and/or Blue or Violet.
This method allows a gamut expansion to reproduce more spot colors and also nesting print jobs with different color channels, without changing the ink configuration of the printing machine.
Using ECG, design can be more eye-catching, resulting in highly saturated colors. The print result is closer to the original RGB design. As the ink setup is standardized, printers are saving on make-ready and ink costs.
Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing
Soft proofing
The ChannelExtender allows you to switch on a color correct preview of the final print result. See in the image below: checkbox 'Preview'.


With the ColorBoost you can make images more saturated, colorful and eye-catching.

Tip: As an alternative to the global ColorBoost function which applies the ColorBoost to the complete image, you can use the Work Preview functionality to use Photoshops built-in tools to do selective color corrections on particular layers or marquee selections.

Work preview
The new Work Preview functionality allows editing of the original document in RGB while providing a color accurate simulation of the print result. The Work Preview automatically uses the correct GMG OpenColor profile for the Adobe Photoshop Proof Colors functionality.
Selective ColorBoost in Work Preview

MinDot Preview and MinDot Adjust - Spot color support

In MinDot Preview problem areas for flexography printing can be localized in the highlights. MinDot Adjust optimizes the print data on the basis of the tonal-threshold values of the print process used. In addition, the function can now also be used on spot colors and hidden or locked layers.

Extended MinDot Features

MinDot Preview does not add an entry to the Adobe Photoshop History anymore, as the preview does not alter the document.

Set with Curve: Transfers all color values below the defined threshold to the printable tone value range while keeping details in the gradients. To avoid a visible edge and to keep details, a curve is applied to the clipped values and to the color values slightly above the threshold, see black graph. Blue: 'Remove', Red: 'Set with clipping'. Former 'Set' renamed to 'Set with clipping'

Improved soft proofing with OpenColor Preview

GMG ColorPlugin now supports more than 8 profile channels.


Support of new characterizations FOGRA53 and FOGRA54

FOGRA53 is a CMYK based and media neutral color exchange space that primarily serves color communication throughout the print production, including copy preparation, job assembly, proofing, and process color printing. FOGRA54 characterizes a web offset heatset printing process using PS6 (super calendered uncoated SC-B) medium. Both characterizations are now available within the ColorConversion function.

Support of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

GMG ColorPlugin 1.3 supports Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 on PCs. This Photoshop version was already supported on Mac.

Resolved issues

The following technical issue has been resolved in ColorPlugin

Photoshop crash
Adobe Photoshop stopped working in some cases, when the option ‘export - save for Web (legacy)’ was used on a system on which the GMG ColorPlugin was installed. [77766]

End of Life

Please note that we will no longer provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for bugs found in GMG ColorPlugin or older.

End of service life of Adobe Photoshop CS5

We hereby announce the End of Service Life (EOSL) for Adobe Photoshop CS5. The EOSL means that, effective immediately, support calls via the service hotline, email or the trouble ticket system will no longer be accepted and all support has been discontinued for the above product and version.

Build Number

ColorPlugin (Mac)
ColorPlugin (Win)

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