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Today we inform you of the following topics:

Release of GMG ColorProof 5.10 – Major Release
  • Release notes
  • New Features
    • Support of Epson SureColor SC-S80600
    • Manual job impositioning tools
    • Workflow configuration tools
    • SNMPv3 support for Epson SureColor series
    • Define custom spots in spot color mapping
    • New ProofStandards
    • New Calibration Set for Epson Stylus Pro x880
    • Job ticket XML support for Sharpening settings
    • Automatic measurement of dotproof test charts
    • Microsoft Excel support for GMG SpotColor Editor
    • Schedule and backup job reports
    • Konica Minolta Autoscan Spectrophotometer FD-9
    • Improved rotation of 1-bit input files
    • Improved connection to GMG OpenColor
  • Resolved issues
  • End of Life
  • Build number
  • End of service life of ColorProof 5.6

Release of GMG ColorProof 5.10 – Major Release

Release date
ColorProof has been released for use on 64bit operating systems today, Thursday, April 19, 2018.

ColorProof 5.0 - 5.9 ➝ 5.10   New license required, chargeable

Supported OS
• Windows 10
• Windows 8.1
• Windows 7
• Windows Server 2016
• Windows Server 2012 R2

GMG ColorProof 5.10

Installation instructions

  1. Create an environment backup of your existing configuration (version 5.7 or newer)
  2. Fully close ColorProof, including the tray icon in the task bar
  3. Extract the file GMG_ColorProof
  4. Double-Click the setup file Setup_5.10.0.303.exe to run the setup file
  5. Start ColorProof after the installation wizard is closed
  6. ColorProof is now updated/installed

Updated installer
The GMG ColorProof installer has been modernized. Installation of prerequisites has been integrated and is no longer a separate step. All product components such as GMG ProfileEditor or GMG GamutViewer can now be installed separately. Simply select the features you want to install. If the computer on which you install the application has an active internet, you can also consider not to install the application data thus saving disk space. In this case, required printer calibrations and profiles will be automatically downloaded on demand from the GMG cloud.

64-bit installer only
As announced in SupportNews 5/2017 of April 5, 2017, GMG does not support Microsoft 32-bit operating systems for new ColorProof versions anymore.


New Features

Support of Epson SureColor SC-S80600

To close the gap between traditional proofing and mockup creation, Epson SC-S80600 driven by GMG ColorProof and GMG OpenColor is used to create color accurate and reproducible prints.

GMG OpenColor allows a fast and easy characterization of the simulation color space based on spectral color information. GMG mini strip and GMG OpenColor's unique prediction model let you create a characterization of the target color space with only a minimum of measurement data required.

To allow the use of virtually any substrate, GMG ColorProof offers you a Calibration Creation Wizard. With this wizard, you will be able to create a custom calibration set and a corresponding output condition for GMG OpenColor fast and easy.

Required chargeable licenses:
  • Product ColorProof 5.10 (possibly with DotProof 5.10 Option or FlexoProof 5.10)
  • Product OpenColor Profiler Standard 2.1 (or OpenColor Profiler Plus Edition 2.1)
  • Option Epson SC-S80600
  • Option GMG OpenColor Output License
  • Option GMG OpenColor Offset (or Option GMG OpenColor Flexo or Option GMG OpenColor Gravure)
  • Option GMG OpenColor Profiling for Epson SC-S80600 (not chargeable)
Manufacturer’s information (link and data sheet)
This printer offers users a new way to create everything from simple signage to high-end displays and décor on a range of substrates. Every single component has been entirely designed and manufactured by Epson to ensure seamless operation and guarantee professional-quality results.

Production with unrivalled accuracy thanks to a sophisticated substrate handling system for class-leading performance. Featuring a highly advanced auto-tension control (AD-ATC) system, wide-diameter feed rollers and anti-static flexible pressure rollers to optimise grip feed and accuracy.

Featuring the latest generation dual Epson PrecisionCore TFP printheads, the SC-S80600 produces outstanding output with superb colours and clarity. Working in tandem with new formulation Epson UltraChrome GS3 with Red inks, users can produce a wide range of highly accurate colours. Improving the quality on a range of substrates is possible thanks to the printers’ Precision Dot high-quality mode.

Automated printhead maintenance and an ink mist collection system help ensure continued printing for maximum uptime.

Ink sets
  • Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Black, Orange, Red, Cleaning liquid
  • Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Black, Orange, Red, White
  • Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Black, Orange, Red, Metallic Silver

Supported print mode and profile type
The Epson SureColor SC-S80600 printer is supported with MX4, MXN and ICC profiles. The available print modes depend on the media type and ink set combination. We offer print modes with different passes and resolutions and if applicable metallic/white and front/reverse use cases.

Usage instructions
We will provide you with detailed information about the Epson Control Dashboard, synchronization of the printer media, GMG Calibration Creation Wizard, profile calculation in OpenColor and recalibration in a Quick Start Guide soon. You will be informed about this document separately.

Manual job impositioning tools

Automatic Placement with horizontal and vertical spacing
When using the Automatic Image Placement in the Manual Job Manager to optimize your job layout and minimize paper usage, you can now also define the required orientation of images and PDF pages and the horizontal and vertical spacing.

Automatic Placement according to horizontal and vertical cutting lines
GMG ColorProof now automatically optimizes the image placement for horizontal or vertical cutting, or both.

Workflow configuration tools

Copy/Paste spot color priority to other workflows and printers
Changes in the workflow can be applied to other workflows and/or other printers. This will prove time saving especially for power users using multiple printers and load balancing. You can now easily ‘copy and paste’ spot color settings including activation/deactivation status and priority from one printer to another and from one workflow to another. You can also apply the settings to all connected printers. This new feature also helps to keep your settings synchronized, for example, when a new spot color database is added. This feature is available even across different printer types, as long as the printers are in the same printer family (as defined in the calibration set).
Improved File Name Filter
The File Name Filter makes sure that all input files are processed by the corresponding workflow. This new feature allows you to define, where a name tag is positioned in the file name (begin, end, anywhere). In previous versions, the string was always searched in the entire name, regardless of the position.
Center sheet-like jobs on roll media
Creating sheet-like jobs such as DIN A4 or letter on roll media ensures a uniform and pleasant visual appearance of proof jobs. Centered images are centered not only horizontally, but also vertically.
Settings: Use Fixed Length & Nesting: Print Single Image per Job, Center
SmartHotfolder - Deactivate fallback workflow
The new Smart Hotfolder option ‘Error job when no matching rule is found’, saves valuable time and resources. This option avoids that the fallback Proof Standard from the connected workflow is used. Instead, the job is not printed and marked as an error job so that you have the chance to either correct the input file name or the Smart Hotfolder rules.

SNMPv3 support for Epson SureColor series

GMG ColorProof 5.10 supports the latest version of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to connect your printer. This version offers enhanced data security. Authentication is used to ensure that only authenticated applications can connect to the printer and thus not 'anybody' can print on it. The SNMP data will be encrypted so that it cannot be read by unauthorized users. This ensures the security of your data and the data of your clients, especially if a printer is connected via the internet.

Define custom spots in spot color mapping

Often used colors and technical colors such as cutter and markup can now be quickly and easily defined as Lab or CMYK directly in GMG ColorProof without the need to use GMG SpotColor Editor. These colors will also be excluded from the spot color strip, to avoid confusing validation results for colors that do not require a verification. Channels can also be inverted automatically.

New ProofStandards

PSR LWC plus V2 M1
The ProofStandard PSR LWC plus V2 M1 is an update of the Process Standard Rotogravure on LWC plus paper (based on gamut type 2 from ISO 12647-4). The update consists new M1 target values. (The previous ProofStandard PSR LWC plus V2 was based on measurement condition M0.)

According to the European Color Initiative (ECI), improvements and goals of this update are:
  • Compatibility with other standards
  • Use of new color values measured under M1 conditions
  • Use of new viewing conditions
  • No change on press side
  • Alignment with ISO 12647-4:2014

Note: Please use 3D Sharpness level 4 in your job/workflow settings.

Overview of the new ProofStandards in ColorProof 5.10

New Calibration Set for Epson Stylus Pro x880


Job ticket XML support for Sharpening settings

You can now switch on the Sharpen function and set the mode in the job ticket. Please see also the separate document for further information: ‘GMG-ColorProof_JobTicket_Overview_en.pdf’

Automatic measurement of DotProof test charts

MX5 DotProof profiles can now be created without manual measurement. If you are using an Epson printer with an ILS30 integrated measuring device, you can measure 1-bit test charts directly in the printer. The measurement data is saved to the ProofControl output folder and can be imported to GMG ProfileEditor. Apart from minimizing manual work, this feature also eliminates the need to invest in an external measuring device.

Usually, GMG ColorProof will not be able to find the measurement template for the 1-bit test chart, because the file name has been altered in the imagesetter RIP. In this case, you will be notified by a warning message in the Manual Job Manager and you will then be able to manually select the appropriate template from a list.

Microsoft Excel support for GMG SpotColor Editor

You can now fully exploit the extensive editing capabilities offered by the standard spreadsheet editor Microsoft Excel to create and edit your custom spot color databases. Simply select any number of spot colors in GMG SpotColor Editor (hold down SHIFT or CTRL) and export the selected spots as CSV, edit them in Excel, and reimport the file.

Schedule and backup job reports

New accounting capabilities for cost control and transparency: You can define weekly, monthly, or job count based reports of the job history. The universal XML format allows an easy exchange with your MIS. When the time limit or the job count has been reached, the Job Report is not overwritten anymore (as it was in previous versions), but instead a new report file will be created. Please make sure you have selected the option Backup Report to keep previous report files.

Konica Minolta Autoscan Spectrophotometer FD-9

The Konica Minolta Autoscan Spectrophotometer FD-9 is now fully supported and included in the GMG calibration sets and spot color sets. Using the FD-9, measurement data can be acquired for multiple measurement conditions (M1, M0, M2) in a single scan.

Improved rotation of 1-bit input files

The caching behavior during the rotation of 1-bit files in ColorProof jobs has improved.

Improved connection to GMG OpenColor

The checksum is now used for profile protection in proof standards with GMG OpenColor profiles and for printing labels.

GMG 1-Bit Creator for OpenColor MXD profiles
ColorProof 5.10 allows the creation of 1-bit jobs from PDFs, using the GMG 1-Bit Creator for GMG OpenColor MXD profiles.

Note: Screening parameters such as the screen frequency, the screening type, the dot shape, and the angle of the grid for each color channel affect the color results. Therefore, it is mandatory that the screening settings used in the GMG 1-Bit Creator match the settings used for profile creation in GMG OpenColor.

Resolved issues

The following technical issues have been resolved in ColorProof Please note that the list describes the original problem, not the solution.

ACW – Printer not ready after paper change
Printer was not set back to ‘ready’ in ColorProof after the paper was out, exchanged and the printer was ready again. [00998, 64722]

Manual job manager – Add images
When adding images in the manual job manager, the calibration set sometimes was reset and did not match the initially defined calibration set. [00931]

Manual job manager – Job strip not added in Japanese UI
If ColorProof was used in Japanese language, job strips could not be added in manual jobs with a custom MX4/MX5 profile. The workaround was to use a proof standard instead. [77926]

White space on proof
A manual job with a pdf generated by Esko Automation Engine 16.0.2 NT had a white space on the proof. [78877] A white space appeared at the top of the proof in a workflow job with single line nesting, a ILS30 control strip and activated option 'Place Control Strips within Measurable Area'. [77490]

Duplication of spot color set
After duplicating a spot color set, jobs could not be printed with the origin spot color set anymore. The error message was: ‘Printer Settings > Printer: Please select at least one Spot Color Set’. [00516]

No preview – Spotcolor with Korean characters
A PDF file did not display the preview in the layout window if the PDF included a spotcolor with a Korean name. [73959]

No preview – RGB ICC conversion
Workflows defined with an RGB ICC profile in the conversion settings, generated jobs without preview picture. [77904]

Wrong preview
The preview in ColorProof and output of a specific PDF was wrong. The workaround was to flatten the file in ColorServer first or to optimize it in Acrobat. [77718]

Unknown spot color
ColorProof listed in the color management settings a spot color which did not exist in the PDF. [01088]

Merge files – No correct resolution for the black channel separation
The file name of a specific K-Len was not analyzed. Instead of ‘K’ or ‘Black’, the full name was stated in the channel column. [78211]

ICC profile prevented change of paper parameters in workflow
If a custom ICC profile was defined in the workflow, changes to the paper settings (e.g. the option ‘Use media size in printer’) could not be saved. [79162]

Cleanup/Backup Files – Jobs printed again from the history
The Cleanup/Backup settings were not correctly applied when the job was printed again from the history. [78523]

Environment backup scheduler – Missing info about backup error
If the environment backup failed, there were no error messages displayed and no entries in the event-log. [78606]

EventViewer – Date/Time
Regional settings were missing: the date/time was in 12-hours, but AM/PM function was missing in the filter. [79034] Moreover, the entries could not be sorted by date/time. [78094]

SNMP – Port usage
ColorProof did not optimally use and release port sockets, which could lead to a crash after a long usage time. [79567]

Windows Print Spooler - Windows Server 2012 r2
It was not possible to use the Windows Print Spooler in the hotfolder settings. The hotfolder showed the following message: ‘Warning: Windows print spooler not working: no free spooler connection’. [00668]

XMP Print order – Two black separations
The print order in the XMP information of a PDF was not adapted by the workflow if the PDF included two black separations. [77719]

XMP Print order – Wrongly applied
The ink sequence for a specific PDF in ColorProof differed from the sequence in XMP meta data. [00973]

OpenColor Workflow – Option ‘Hold finished jobs’
OpenColor workflows with the activated nesting option ‘Hold finished jobs’ were printed right away. [18791]

OpenColor system settings - Automatic download
Deactivating the option ‘Automatic Download’ in the centralized color management settings in the ColorProof system settings was only applied after restarting the application. There was no warning for the user. [00183]

OpenColor – Wrong preview
The preview of a specific job with OpenColor ProofStandard was incorrect. The preview was grey and no color was displayed. [00337]

OpenColor ProofStandard – SpotColor control strip did not appear in ProofControl
An MXN based ColorProof job with an i1 spot color control strip did not generate a measurement job in ProofControl. Default Ugra/Fogra Media Wedges for OpenColor ProofStandards did appear in ProofControl. There were no issues with spot color control strips for MX4 either. [01398]

OpenColor ProofStandard – No PCI validation
There was an issue when the measurement condition that was used to create the OpenColor Profile (e.g. M0) differed from the measurement condition used for validation (e.g. M1). [18987]

OpenColor Dotproof – Duplicate channels
There was an issue in MXD based jobs with duplicate channels (e.g. twice magenta). The proof was printed with wrong colors. [78079]

XML Jobticket - Lab defined custom spot colors were not printed
Lab defined custom spot colors show up in the preview of XML Jobticket, however the areas defined with the custom spot colors were not printed. [00568]

XML Jobticket - mapped network drive
Jobticket hotfolders did not work when the input folder in the XML was an absolute path to a mapped network drive. [77932]

Remote Proofing – Import job reported changed project in OC without existing link to OC project
An imported job aborted with the error ‘Linked OpenColor project has been changed. You can continue to print or recalculate a new profile’. Clicking ‘print’ caused the job to end up in Rip status for an undetermined duration. [78825, 18853, 01304]

Remote Proofing – Corrupt environment
Due to an error in the customer’s environment, the functionalities 'Save As' and 'Send To' could not be used. [01142]

Remote Proofing – SSL
Using SSL for remote proofing, the typed password was visible in the settings in ColorProof. [00171]

Remote proofing - Uploaded WF jobs missing in the ‘Upload list’
Manual jobs which were sent to the remote site, appeared in the event viewer, as well in the ‘upload list’ (ColorProof > Remote Proofing > File Upload). However, workflow jobs which are exported for remote proofing did not appear in the upload list. [78635]

GamutViewer – Load RGB ICC profiles
RGB ICC profiles could not be loaded in Gamutviewer. [79158, 18905]

SpotColor Editor – CXF3 Import
The tints and the paper white in the CXF3 were imported as separate ‘colors’ and not added as tints to one Color. [00407]

ProfileEditor & SpotColor Editor – German language
After updating ColorProof to 5.9.1 it sometimes happened that the language was German and could not be changed. The workaround was to change the language in the registry. [77909, 77859, 77785, 77774, 77694, 77504, 78103, 78399]

ProfileEditor – Crash at second measurement in MX5
At the second measurement, performed in an MX5 profile in ProfileEditor, the measurement values were not picked up by the MX5 and the application closed. [78224, 78940, 79096, 79154, 79191, 00558, 00846]

ProfileEditor – Crash if target values are exported as gamut file
If the target values of an MX5 were exported and saved as gamut file, ProfileEditor stopped working. The created file was empty. [78087]

ProfileEditor – Missing values of measurement with i1 Pro2
ProfileEditor generated MX4 files with only 38 values, when the chart was measured with the X-Rite i1 Pro2 (handheld only). [78861, 79179, 79250, 79540, 00519, 00917]

WebClient – Installation after ColorProof patch not possible
The WebClient could be installed on the ColorProof version, but not on the patched version [00114]

ProofControl - PCI report differed from PC report
The verification results for the same measurement differed in the report printed out of the history of ColorProof compared to the report printed out of the history of ProofControl if it concerned acustom Print Standard which was using a combination of delta-CMC and delta-76 and the IDEAlliance control strip. [78501]

End of Life

Please note, that we will no longer provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for bugs found in or older.

Build number

ColorProof Version (64bit)

End of service life of ColorProof 5.6

We hereby announce the End of Service Life (EOSL) for GMG ColorProof 5.6. The EOSL means that, effective immediately, support calls via the service hotline, email or the trouble ticket system will no longer be accepted and all support has been discontinued for the above product and version.
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