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Release of GMG ColorProof 5.10.1 – Service Release
  • Release notes
  • New Features
    • Calibration Check
    • Paper Tint Simulation - Fill Gaps
    • ProofControl Inline: Validation of MXD-based ProofStandards
    • PDF 2.0 support
      • Page level output intent
      • CXF/X-4 Spot color descriptions
      • Print order per page
    • ProofControl Inline: New option "Set Printer on Hold"
    • AutoCali Wizard: Pause feature
    • GMG ProfileEditor: Support of IT8 7.4 for M1
    • New job status "Canceled on printer"
    • Support of encrypted PDFs with passwords in Manual Jobs
    • New profiles
  • Resolved issues
  • End of Life
  • Build number

Release of GMG ColorProof 5.10.1 – Service Release

Release date
ColorProof has been released today, Wednesday, August 15, 2018.

ColorProof 5.0 - 5.9 ➝ 5.10.1   New license required, chargeable
ColorProof 5.10.0    ➝ 5.10.1   No new license required, free of charge

Supported OS
• Windows 10
• Windows 8.1
• Windows 7
• Windows Server 2016
• Windows Server 2012 R2

GMG ColorProof 5.10.1

Installation instructions

  1. Create an environment backup of your existing configuration (version 5.7 or newer)
  2. Fully close ColorProof, including the tray icon in the task bar
  3. Extract the file GMG_ColorProof
  4. Double-Click the setup file Setup_5.10.1.56.exe to run the setup file
  5. Start ColorProof after the installation wizard is closed
  6. ColorProof is now updated/installed

New Features

Calibration check

System and license requirements:
  • Epson Stylus Pro x900-series with SpectroProofer (ILS30)
  • Epson SureColor-P-series with SpectroProofer (ILS30)
  • Option ProofControl Inline (chargeable)

What is the state of the calibration? Do I need to recalibrate?
The new, enhanced GMG Calibration Check gives you the answer with just one proof independent of any specific ProofStandard.
The control strip contains a selection of patches that allow conclusions to be drawn about the validity of the printer calibration just by printing and measuring it. The calibration control strip predicts the calibration status of the printer with high accuracy and helps you to decide whether the printer needs to be recalibrated or not. The result is nearly the same as the evaluation of a full test chart during recalibration. This feature saves valuable production time, ink, and media for unnecessary recalibrations.
On the validation label the arrow points to the average measured dE of the Calibration Control Strip v2. The frame indicates the possible range of deviation introduced by hardware (e.g. printer, measurement device) a full calibration chart would fall into.

Printing the Calibration Control Strip v2
The Calibration Control Strip can be scheduled or manually printed without further elements or as part of a job.
  1. Manually: Output > Printer > Check Calibration…  or using the
  2. Scheduler: Output > Printer > Automatic calibration check
  1. In a manual job: Job control strips > Calibration control strip

Paper Tint Simulation - Fill Gaps

The new option Fill Gaps fills the unprinted area between images with paper tint simulation so that the proof job appears more homogenous and is easier to cut. Also, irritating visual effects due to differences between the simulated paper tint and the original paper tint of the proof paper are avoided. The option can be activated in manual or workflow jobs under printer settings and is available for proofs with all images using the same proof standard.

PDF 2.0 support

The new ISO 32000-2:2017 standard PDF 2.0 format brings several new features and enhancements, especially for print production— and thus relevant for proofing. GMG ColorProof supports the following new PDF features:
  • Page level output intent ICC profiles:
  • Spot color descriptions as CxF/X-4 spectral data (GMG OpenColor 2.2 required)
  • Specification of the printing order

Page level output intent

PDF 2.0 has an output intent on every page, instead of on document level. With GMG ColorProof 5.10.1 this intent can be read out and used in the PDF/X color conversion. You can even use workflow filters to process individual PDF pages automatically with the matching workflow, and thus with the correct proof standard and media type.

CxF/X-4 Spot color descriptions

System and license requirements
Product GMG Opencolor 2.2 (chargeable)

In addition to the CMYK output intent, the new PDF 2.0 standard can also contain CxF/X-4 coded spectral color information for spot color channels. With GMG ColorProof 5.10.1 and the upcoming GMG OpenColor 2.2 (release scheduled for September 2018), this information can be used for spot color proofing in ColorProof.
GMG ColorProof automatically detects CxF definitions and sends them to GMG OpenColor for conversion into temporary spot color sets (db3 profiles with tints), which can then be used in combination with a GMG OpenColor proof standard. Color management calculations are then performed in the same way as for regular db3 spot color sets. As with other spot colors, you can add a spot color control strip to verify the spot colors.

Please note that GMGOpenColor 2.1 is not compatible with this feature.

Print order per page

For each page of a multipage PDF 2.0, the print order can be defined separately. This was possible for Esko PDF before, now it is available for every PDF.
Print order:
  1. From OpenColor Proof Standard
  2. From Input File (PDF)
  3. From Input File (XMP)
  4. Custom

ProofControl Inline: New option "Set Printer on Hold"

When this option is activated, the software printer in GMG ColorProof is set to hold automatically each time the verification of a proof standard control strip fails, giving you the opportunity to check the printer before printing the next job. You can click the Continue button on the Output toolbar to reactivate the printer.

AutoCali Wizard: Pause feature

It is now possible to pause the automated calibration for Epson StylusPro x890, x900 and SureColor-P series printers, for example, to print an urgent job in-between. The calibration proceeds with the next optimization cycle after you unpaused it. Also, it gives you the opportunity to manually check the process and finish it if the intermediate results are satisfying.

GMG ProfileEditor: Support of IT8 7.4 for M1

The patch sizes of the IT8 7.4 test charts have been increased, permitting strip measurements in M1 mode for creation of proofing profiles using the GMG ProfileEditor and X-Rite i1 Pro2 as well as i1iO (2nd Gen) with i1 Pro2.

New job status "Canceled on printer"

Jobs that have been canceled on the printer and not in GMG ColorProof now show in the Job list as “Canceled on printer”.

Support of encrypted PDFs with passwords in Manual Jobs

When loading a password secured PDF into a Manual Job, you will now be prompted to enter the password. If password protection is enabled in the PDF, but the password is left empty, the PDF will be loaded automatically without prompt.

New profiles

New V10 profiles for improved visual consistency

To achieve the highest possible visual match between different proofing devices, i. e. Epson Stylus Pro x890, x900, and Epson SureColor-P printers, GMG ColorExperts have created new proof profiles for ISO Coated v2 and PSO Coated v3 standards that underwent a thorough visual and colorimetric evaluation for optimal results. GMG recommends that users with multiple proofing devices switch to the new proof standards, which are consistently labeled as V10.

ISO Coated v2 (39L)

PSO Coated v3 (FOGRA 51)

EciCMYK (53) and PSO SC-B paper v3 (54)

New profiles for GMG ProofMedia studio OBA matte 150 and Epson SureColor-P Series

New profile for GMG ProofMedia studio OBA matte 150 and Epson Stylus Pro x880


Resolved issues

The following technical issues have been resolved in ColorProof Please note that the list describes the original problem, not the solution.

Opening manual job showed error “Invalid license” after update to version 5.10
Outdated and/or invalid information in the default template sometimes caused new jobs to show this error in the manager for manual jobs. Workflow jobs or imported .job files were not affected by this issue. [02153]

Smart Hotfolder did not map channels correctly
Channels containing a process color name (e.g. Yellow) in the channel name (e.g. Pantone Medium Yellow C) were mapped to the process channel instead of the spot color. This resulted in an incorrect output and color simulation. Normal Hotfolders were not affected by this issue. [01234]

Spot color replacement rule: “Print with color profile” properties were not saved
Setting a “defined” spot color to print with color profile did not keep this option. The spot color was printed without running the color through the color profile instead and the checkbox is unchecked on opening the color again. [03154]
RGB Photoproof not possible with Job labels
Jobs that have been built by a workflow using an RGB PhotoProof standard and a job label aborted with an “Internal Error”: Unexpected State for function call in module Label to chain”. Deactivating the job label resolved this issue [02358]

Error collectNxN with very small font sizes in label
Using Nesting templates with spacing set to 0mm/inch in combination with a font size of 5pt or lower, caused the job to abort with an “Error: collectNxN”. [02572]

Automatic placement did not rotate if image width exceeded paper width
In jobs with the image being wider than the available width of the paper, clicking “automatic placement” did not rotate the image during placement. [02102]

Calibration with FD-9 via RCW fails: wrong test chart (DTP70) printed
During calibration of a 10c GMG driver print mode using the Remote Calibration Wizard with the Konica Minolta FD-9 the wrong chart layout for the GMG TC3-MXC was used. This resulted in an error “Wrong test chart detected” and an abort of the calibration after the prelinearization steps. [03023]

Error printing with 8-tint OpenColor control strip and mixed mxn/spot color set production
Printing a job with an 8-tint OpenColor control strip and spot colors taken in part from spot color sets and in part from the OpenColor project, caused the job to cancel with an error “Unknown Internal Error: 80004005 in module Strip”. The issue did not affect OpenColor control strips with less than 8 tints per channel. [47221]

ProfileEditor: No calculations below dE 1
Although the threshold had been set to dE 0, values below dE 1 were not recalculated on creation of MX4 or MX5 profiles. [GMGA-21211, GMGA-20717, 02564, 03074, 02942, 03145, 03229]

ProfileEditor: Calculate with GamutMapping after saving profile not possible
In ProfileEditor calculating with GamutMapping resulted in a crash of the application if the profile had been saved and opened previously. Calculations without GamutMapping (e.g. calculate with target values or current and target values) were not affected by this issue. [02968, 03141, 03193]

Cali-set for SC-S80600 not accessible
Although the cali-set had been imported correctly, ColorProof reported a missing cali-set on creation of a new OpenColor ProofStandard for the Epson SureColor S80600 printer. [02392]

Missing button for loading MXD-profile into ProofStandard
On Spanish and French localized versions of ColorProof the button to select MXN or MXD profiles was missing from the ProofStandard’s ColorManagement window. [02559, 02630]

UNC paths could not be mapped when restoring an environment backup
When restoring an environment backup on a different system, Hotfolders using UNC path definition could not be mapped to a different folder on import. [01559]

Number of copies not shown in ColorProof log
The ColorProof log did not accurately reflect the number of copies set up in workflows. Jobs with multiple copies only showed up once in the log file without any information on the number of copies. [79253]

Remote Proofing: Empty upload-list for sites with names longer than 20 characters
The File upload list (System -> RemoteProofing -> File Upload) did not show jobs that have been uploaded to sites with names longer than 20 characters. [02867]

End of Life

Please note, that we will no longer provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds, or patches for bugs found in GMG ColorProof or older.

Build number

ColorProof Version (64bit)
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